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920 NW 2nd Street • Gainesville, 32601
Hardback Cafe
Re-opened on December 10th, 2015, Hardback Cafe is no retro dive, but an elegant, if rugged, art space. We feature original musical performances, art exhibits, comedy, poetry, both upstairs and down. Hardback Cafe is primarily a venue for new performance art. Local bands can easily get their first show at the Hardback. We simply provide space for artistic projects. Shows can involve videos, projections, live painting, theatre, rock bands, hip hop. Anything goes at the Hardback. If you perform original works, you should visit Hardback Cafe to organize a performance. That is WHY Hardback Cafe exists! You should also visit Hardback Cafe to meet and attend other performers, for the free exchange of ideas is the cornerstone of Liberty. The Hardback is a Safe Space, where all flavors are welcome. We celebrate diversity.
Hours: Wed-Sat: 6:00 pm - 2:00 am
Friday • October 18, 2019
10/18/19 – Hardback Cafe
Event Time: 9:00pm
Dogear, Vetnough, Off Day Hardback Cafe
Thursday • October 24, 2019
10/24/19 – Hardback Cafe
Event Time: 9:00pm
Piss Test/Sudakas, Cheap Plastic, Gris Gris Boys Hardback Cafe
Friday • October 25, 2019
10/25/19 – Hardback Cafe
Event Time: 9:00pm
Funeral Clown, Baby Killers, Thrusters, Sangs Hardback Cafe
Saturday • October 26, 2019
10/26/19 – Hardback Cafe
Door Time: 9:00pm
Event Time: 10:00pm
$20 VIP rows/$10 adv/$12 dos
Ages: 18+
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Purple Nightshade Productions Hardback Cafe
Thursday • October 31, 2019
10/31/19 – Hardback Cafe
Event Time: 9:00pm
Loose Xchange, Sangs, Rex Dameron, James Wesson Hardback Cafe
Friday • November 1, 2019
11/01/19 – Hardback Cafe
Event Time: 9:00pm
Scorpia, Cheap Plastic, Piss Test Hardback Cafe

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