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Formed: 1990
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There are 2 artist with the name Xperience: 1. Xperience, electronic music producer (Breaks - Jungle): Based in Tenerife, Spain. Influenced by producers like The Prodigy, Acen, Altern-8, Andy C, Ellis Dee, 4hero, Blame, Criminal Minds, Orca, Skanna and Nebula II. 2. Xperience aka XP, MC, member of Oldominion: Based in Washington, EEUU. "Born in Olympia, at the age of one, moved to detroit. Grew up in Detroit, and East Chicago, IN, Gary, IN. For some odd reason, was drawn right back to the west coast. Some say it was the women, some say it was music, some say it was the weed...I say it was all three...mostly the music though. Now I reside in Oly where I constantly grind and make music that i believe will someday cause a remarkable change."

Xperience Videos (10)

"In Remembrance"
"I’m Free Ft. Macklemore"
"Accomodate (ft. Compost)"
"Slippin’ Away"
"Rox City (rox Intro Edit)"
"I’m Free (feat. Macklemore)"
"The Story Of Us"
"Suicide Note"
"I’m Free (ft. Macklemore)"
"Rox City (andy Bsk Remix)"

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