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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) WOW: Coming from Italy & just breaking out into modern media is S.F. on vocals and guitar, C.R. on bass & L.M. on drums. Listen to them at & look for them in the Sept 09 issue of 2) WOW are sydney duo Matt Cribb and Bree Carter. Formed in late 2007, they quickly rose to prominence playing alongside names such as Crystal Castles, Midnight Juggernauts and Uffie & Feadz. Their style of music is a blend of disco punk and pop, resulting in unique sounding music. visit this WOW on last fm here: "" or on myspace 3) Taiwanese duo WOW is composed of two Ws, female vocalist/dancer Wing and rapper/DJ Wayne. The "O" in the name stands for a record player, representing their music. With a DJ in the mix, WOW's sound has a distinctive hip-hop and house style. The duo's music integrates scratching and mixing into the arrangements for jiving numbers like title track The Big Hits and VIP, both of which were recorded and produced in Korea. WOW offers much more than just club tracks though, and listeners will find a diverse range of sounds and genres in their debut album, ranging from hip-hop dance numbers to ballads. 4) WOW is also a shorter version of Wendy O. Williams - a infamous singer and front figure of The Plasmatics punk rock/cross over/thrash metal band. She and The Plasmatics used the band name WOW on some of their records. . 5) WOW was a dutch pop group consisting of Mandy Gruijters, Naomi Louwerens, Joëlle van Noppen andDenise Koopal. In 2000 Denise and Joëlle left the group. Jenske Moermond entered the group, but in 2001 the group stopped producing music 6) WOW was a Portland, ME based power pop band that produced three albums from 1997 to 2003. Featuring Pete Buckley, Andrew Russell, Gary Burton and later Andrew Beale and Joe Buckley they were known as an exciting live act that still gets requests for reunions. They broke onto the scene with performance at Undercurrents 98' in Cleveland and soon garnered best Pop Act by the Phoenix magazine and a Jim Beam developing artist grant which funded their critically acclaimed album "That was then, this is WOW" Backed Smithereens Frontman Pat Dinizio at the Stone Pony in Asbery Park NJ and at a sold out greatest hits show in Portland, ME. 7) WOW are a pop boyband based in New York.

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