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Worn In Red hail from the long-standing promised land of thick, blistering hardcore; Virginia. They share hometowns in both Richmond and Charlottesville, drinking deep from a rich history of since-fallen bands like Sleepytime Trio, Hoover, Four Hundred Years, Maximillian Colby, Action Patrol, and Frodus, while also paying tribute to contemporary titans Planes Mistaken For Stars, Glass and Ashes, and Hot Water Music. The '90s were rife with talented, passionate, and engaging bands who built upon the legacies of their forebearers while pushing the envelope as far as they could, crafting a myriad of fresh and provoking sounds. One of the epicenters was Virginia, former home of the Confederacy and lately a crucible of pluralism. A land where urban uproots rural and tradition trades blows with progress, forging a cultural battleground strewn with ideological rubble. It was here that the gentlemen of Worn In Red came of age, bearing witness to a generation of bands who now live on only in record store lore, all of whom left a lasting impression on the few who were there when it happened. Worn In Red draw on the elements these bands held most dear; a fiercly independent ethic that celebrates the power and capability we all hold, a desperation and darkness brought on by the constant personal struggle with society, and an unflinchingly honest approach to musical and artistic expression. With ideals intact, they unleash their aggression in a hail of gutted screams, churning rhythms, and triumpantly soaring melodies. "Considering how nice these guys are, they sure do yell a lot. They feel like family. Their songs gnawed their way into my brain over the last year, and being involved in this record was not an option: it became an imperative. Heavy and pummeling locks in with a melodic, open groove. Duality in tandem. Good hair too." - Var

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"The End Is Nigh…"
"When People Have Something To Say"
"When People Have Something To Say"

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