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In the mid-80's young Michael J. Wolf, like most teenagers, went through some serious changes. However, the changes Michael faced were unlike anything other teenagers experienced. Where other teenagers were dealing with pimples and getting erections in public, Michael was dealing with fangs, hair, and claws. These changes brought both fame and ridicule to Michael. With the help of his father and his close friends Boof and Stiles, Michael overcame the many unexpected challenges associated with being a teenage werewolf.

After graduating from High school, Michael entered the real world searching for a way to release his continuing frustrations. He found his release in the form of a Fender Jazzmaster Guitar played loud and fast. He formed the band Wolf-Face and released several underground cassette tapes that quickly gained circulation throughout the United States and abroad. These tapes included the coveted "Self titled" tape, the "Wolf-Face Too" EP, the "She's in heat, but she won't mate with me" tape, and the "Vampires are pussies" collection. These tapes are a rare find these days and some can occasionally be found on Ebay selling for hundreds of dollars. Wolf-Face toured extensively to sold out crowds in dive bars all over the United States and abroad. Due to drug and alcohol issues and generally being burnt out by the changing music scene and the constant barrage of "wolves in sheep's clothing" associated with the music industry wanting to dumb down and bastardize Wolf-Face's abrasive tunes, Michael decided to hang up his guitar to retire in Florida in the mid 1990's.

Today, frustrated by the vapid music bombarding all aspects of the music scene and the absurd romanticizing of werewolves in shitty books and movies, Michael has decided to hit the road again with Wolf-Face. Michael J. has re-released the original Wolf-Face self-titled cassette on digital technology. This can be obtained online for free or you can grab a free CD at a Wolf-Face show. The Wolf-Face line up now consists of Michael J. and his pack mates Rain-Wolf, The Good Wolf, and Wolf-Fart. They are shredding eardrums again and loving every minute of it!

The re-release of the Wolf-Face self titled cassette recently caught the ear of Chicago's MOOSTER RECORDS who released the long-awaited full length LP entitled "STILL A SON OF A BITCH."