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Formed: 1989
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There are multiple artists named "Wizard" 1. A German Power Metal band, formed in 1989 2. A Producer / DJ / Beatmaker from Hastings, Britain Wizard is a German Power Metal band, formed in 1989 by the drummer Sören van Heek. The band was often called "Germany's answer to Manowar". On some albums the lyrics are about battles, metal, war and steel. The exception were the albums Odin, which is a concept album about Norse mythology, Goochan which is a fantasy story about a witch (written by Volker Leson and author William B. Nuke), Thor which is also about north mythology and ... of wariwulfs and bluotvarwes which is about vampires and werewolfs (written by Wizard and Andre Wiesler, German author). Wizard played at Wacken Open Air 2002, Bang Your Head!!! 2002, Keep It True 2004, Dokk'em Open Air 2006, Magic Circle Festival 2009 and is in the 2012 line-up of Hammerfest IV. In 2003 longtime guitarist Michael Maass quit the band because of health problems. In 2006 the band left the label Limb Music after four albums and joined the somewhat bigger label Massacre Records with a new album in mind to be released in January 27, 2007, titled Goochan. In may 18th, 2007, Michael Maass returned to the band after a three-year break. The band's 2009 album Thor received a positive review from The Pit reviewer Frank Heise, who praised "The Visitor" as the best track on it. The band's 2011 album ...Of Wariwulfs and Bluotvarwes received a positive review from SLUG Magazine reviewer Dylan Chadwick noting that "well trodden, and admittedly formulaic, it's a resoundingly competent platter of steel-willed, fist pounding heavy metal that'll satisfy the most voracious headbanger's hunger."

Wizard Videos (15)

"Spill The Blood Of Our Enemies (remastered)"
"Legion Of Doom (remastered) [bonus Track]"
"Dark Wings (remastered)"
"Battlefield Of Death (remastered)"
"Gladiators Of Steel (remastered)"
"The Prophecy"
"A Nice Day To Die (remastered)"
"Bloodsteel (remastered) [bonus Track]"
"Brave Warriors (remastered)"
"Birth Of The Weapons (remastered)"
"The Powergod"
"Bound By Metal (remastered)"
"Believe In Metal (remastered)"
"Unicorn (remastered)"
"You Came To Mine"

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