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Formed: 1981
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There are at least 2 artists named Wise: 1. Seiji Kameyama (亀山晴児, Kameyama Seiji?), born in 1979 to a Japanese father and American mother, is a Japanese hip hop musician who raps in both Japanese and English under the name WISE. During high school he lived in the United States. He is affiliated with the creative group Kazenohito. In 2005, he formed the groups WISE`N'SONPUB with beatmaker SONPUB, and Teriyaki Boyz with RYO-Z and Ilmari from RIP SLYME and VERBAL from m-flo. He made his major debut as a solo artist with the single "Shine like a star" on February 21, 2007. 2. A French nu-jazz band with members Julien Birot and Robin Notte. They have 2 albums: Electrology (2004) and Metrophone (2006).

W.IS.E Videos (15)

"Tu No Eres Feliz, Yo No Soy Feliz Wise Ft. Joey Montana (original) (video Music) 2014"
"Es Distinto Wise Ft. Luigi 21 Plus Reggaeton 2014"
"Wise Morir De Amor"
"Se Acabó Wise Ft. Victor Manuelle (the Gold Pen)"
"Wise Piel Con Piel"
"Se Acabo Wise Ft. Victor Manuelle"
"Hoy Wise Ft. Hector El Father (audio) (2014)"
"Wise By Your Side Feat. 西野カナ (short Ver.)"
"Wise La Botella"
"Amores Como El Tuyo Wise Ft. Keny (letra)"
"Wise Piel Con Piel"
"Wise Dance With Me"
"Wise Intro"
"Hoy Wise Ft. Hector El Father"
"Pizza With Pepperoni"

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