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Vourteque is one of America's quickly rising stars in the electro swing and neo-vaudeville communities. Musician, producer, remix artist, DJ, carny and ringmaster - Vourteque entertains and wows crowd from Los Angeles to New York. He's one of the minds behind Chicago's Rouge! electro swing night, a Do312 nightlife awards nominated monthly that's featured guests such as Good Co., Lord Justice and Dutty Moonshine. Vourteque's sound can best be described as a cross behind the more house and disco influenced European style of electro swing but injected with a good dose of good ol' American industrial, techno and gothic blues. His single, Whiskey Drinker, has gotten acclaim and plays throughout the internet, and his first release, The Swing Mechanical, still sells robustly two years out and can be found on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Beatport and more. He's played for a wide variety of promoters and shows, from The Steampunk Ball in Tampa and The Anachronism in New York to being a favorite dj at Detroit's Theatre Bizarre show four years in a row and runs the Lords & Ladies Stage there. He's been described as one of the best steampunk and electro swing DJs in the United States and has never left a crowd feeling let down. His new album, The Iron & Jazz Age, is set for a May 2015 release. It features collaborations with Sabrina Chap, Sean Guinan (of Candy Town), Carey Rayburn (of Good Co.), Professor Elemental, Allison Curval (of Clockwork Dolls), Joe Harbison and Alex Johns (of Ford Theatre Reunion) and Eli August. As well as mastering and engineering by Andrew Benjamin of Hellblinki and Bill Holland aka Mr. Automatic. Vourteque is also one of the minds behind Calliope Festival, a three day neo-vintage festival being held this September in Chicagoland! For more information check out his website - www.Vourteque.com For booking contact [email protected]

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