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Formed: 2007
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1 - VI is an orthodox black metal band from Paris, France. The band consists of I.nR (Deus despectuM) who is responsible for guitars, vocals and lyrics and Balrog playing the bass and doing programming. Balrog is involved in several other French bands like Aosoth, Garwall, Genital Grinder, Maleficentia, Balrog and the Belgian Aborted. VI was found in 2007 and released the four songs EP "De Praestigiis Daemonum" with a playtime of 25 minutes in March 2008. The EP was originally released at Goathorned Productions and later in autumn 2008 repressed by Debemur Morti Production as a digipack cd. The band has an official myspace address. 2 - Vi was a Danish hardcore punk band from Århus, active in the 80s. UK label Looney Tunes released a 7" called "The Triumph of Death" in 1986, and they appeared on several compilations like the Noget På Dansk 7", the 1984 The 3rd LP and the Extreme Noise 1 cassette. 3 - Vi (aka Beautiful) Chicago based MC Vi (rhymes with why) is poised to bring the soul back into rap & Hip-Hop with his debut album, SUPPOSED 2 BE through Hustler Music due out soon. Vi grew up listening to musical greats such as Al Green, James Brown and Lenny Williams, making this versatile MC a natural at composing passionate lyrical barbs that mesh effortlessly with his sonically moving tracks. The end result is what he dubs, hustler music. Raised in the Windy City's infamous Altgeld Gardens (also known as the Wild Hundreds), Vi admits to getting caught up in the gang and drug lifestyles that dominated his neighborhood. But ultimately, he had to make a decision between the streets and his future. After narrowly escaping a 25-year prison stretch, the former high school point guard & Jackson State University student realized that it was time for a change, which led to Vi's current hustle, music. Traveling the country to promote his music, Vi continued to prove himself as a lyricist and has garnered the respect of many of his peers, which included deceased TLC member Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, whom he met while in Atlanta as a teenager in 96. In fact, Vi earned his Beautiful alias after Lopes used the term to describe his style and flow. He went on to be featured on records with everyone from Killer Mike to Reakwon, the Leela James video "Music" as well as shooting his own video "Hurta". While in Los Angeles Vi hooked up with Hip-Hop legend KRS-ONE who asked Vi to be featured on the title song "The MC" for The MC documentary for Quincy Jones QD3 Entertainment, in stores now. Vi has also had his music featured on the small screen in the HBO smash hit Entourage and the straight to DVD movie Gas and County General. With his debut album SUPPOSED 2 BE, Vi is creating a musical diary of sorts; the album is openly honest and personal, touching on matters as close to the heart as the absence of his father and dealing with haters who only come around when things are good. But this record doesn't revolve solely around dark matters of the heart as Vi also caters to the street corners of America and his admiration for women. The buzz about Vi is building and this MC is about to explode. Aside from his music, Vi is in production on a patented shoe accessory, which is sure to be seen on all the hottest 09 sneakers. He currently resides full time in Chicago. 4 - "vi" are a swedish post-metal band with black metal influences. Having released just a 3 song selftitled EP. Apparently making no efforts to promote it except make it available for free download, the band consists of - gryth, baier, kindlund, danielsen. The myspace is -

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