Vfest Ladies Band Roulette PROFILE

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Vfest Ladies Band Roulette

On Jan 8th, 6 bands were formed at random. They had about a month to get together, practice, write songs, and get ready to perform at this Vfest showcase Thursday Feb 13th!

Band #1 "Tis But A Scratch"
Kathy Sohar
Annelise Birrittella
Kelsey Hodge
Jenna Thompson
Hope Howell

Band #2 "Mighty Good"
T.C Henson
Jackie Mathews
Dana Robinson
Danielle Gonzalez

Band #3
Michelle Parker
Julie Matheney
Hannah Nelly
Taylor Walls

Band #4
Jen Young
Becky May

Band #5 "Snatch"
Quintina Crawford
Denise Basler
Megan Miller
Margaret Briggs

Band #6
Taryn Jones
Shena Groger
Heather Uuk
Elizabeth Jammal

10:15-10:30 Band #1
10:40-10:55 Band #2
11:05-11:20 Band #3
11:30-11:45 Band #4
11:55-12:10 Band #5
12:20-12:35 Band #6ay.org)