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Formed: 1990
Hometown: Gainesville
Upcoming Shows: 0

Vermin Videos (19)

"Falling Deathwards"
"Falling Deathwards"
"Heaven!! 害虫盛りだくさん!"
"The Plague"
"I Am The Dissident"
"Scientific Domination"
"Eyes Wide Shut"
"Falling Deathwards"
"Mind Control Official Music Video"
"Outlaw Official Music Video"
"Wired (featuring Gravity)"
"Wired (ft. Gravity)"
"On November 22, 2014 At A Space, Gainesville, Fl"
"On May 23, 2014 At 911 House"
"On April 9, 2014 At Display, Gainesville, Fl"
"On January 9, 2014 At Mars Pub, Gainesville, Fl"
"On June 27, 2014 At The Atlantic, Gainesville, Fl"