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Formed: 2001
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Valiant Thorr

Valient Thorr is a band whose Venusian spacecraft landed in Greenville, North Carolina, USA, forming in 2001. Soon after they relocated to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA so they could fix their spaceship quicker. On July 1, 2003 Valient Thorr self-released their first album (only pressing 1000 copies which were sold at shows), Stranded on Earth, which had the same musical setup as present, but one of their guitarists (Djinn Thorr) used a keyboard, which helped to bring dance elements into their music. This aspect of their music not only further influenced their legendary live shows, but helped to cement their local status as the ultimate live band, with packed hometown shows at local favorite venue Kings Barcade (located in downtown Raleigh, NC). They toured the United States and Canada shortly afterward, doing 47 shows in 52 days. After replacing original drummer (Donn Thorr) with current drummer Lucian Thorr and ditching the keyboard entirely live and on release, they were soon signed to Volcom Entertainment, where their full-length album Total Universe Man was released on June 7, 2005. At that point, the group members gave up their regular jobs, which ranged from 6th grade teachers to pornshop workers, and set out on the road. They performed on the Volcom stage on the Warped Tour 2005, for the entire tour, except for a few shows where they played the main stage. They continued touring, taking six days off for Thanksgiving and ten for Christmas. Along the way, they lost their original rhythm guitarist (Djinn Thorr) and replaced him with Bjorn Thorr before going on tour with Hot Rod Circuit and Piebald. In honor of his departure, Eiden Thorr took Djinn's old position at shows, moving from Stage Right (the position he held since the band's inception) to Stage Left. In February 2006, they stopped briefly in Costa Mesa, California to write the follow-up to Total Universe Man. After Bjorn Thorr left the band, he was replaced by current guitarist Odinn Thorr. On July 11, 2006 they released their follow up album, Legend Of The World. They toured the entire Warped Tour again for the summer of 2006 playing the Volcom Stage, with the exception of the hometown stop in Raleigh, NC, where they closed out the night after NOFX and AFI on one of the two mainstages to a packed crowd. At the moment they are doing a short headlining east coast tour, up and down for a month or so, then in mid-October 2006, a tour with Joan Jett and The Black Hearts, Eagles of Death Metal and others follow. The song Fall Of Pangea is an unlockable song in the game Guitar Hero II. In 2008 they released their forth album Immortalizer. Members * Valient Himself - Vocals * Eidan Thorr - Guitars * Dr. Professor Nitewolf Strangees - Bass * Odinn Thorr - Guitars * Lucian Thorr - Percussion

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