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Brooklyn punks Up For Nothing are back again with their third DIY release "Twelve Stories Down". These guys have pounded away like true DIY champs for nearly a decade and have delivered another true gem into the heart of the NY underground scene. "Twelve Stories Down" manages to incorporate many different styles of punk rock and finds a way for them to mesh together so perfectly that you begin to understand midway through your first listen, that these fellas have single handedly managed to create a sound that only they can convey. With blistering fast speeds, and razor sharp vocal melodies, these songs will play on inside your head long after you finished listening. New York Hardcore legend Ernie Parada (Token Entry, Black Train Jack, GreyArea) yet again lends his voice to these fellas on "All We Need" and "The Slouch" which gives this new found NY sound a bit of familiarity. These guys now in their mid 20's are showing no signs of slowing down, as the years pass along they are forming what some will soon look at as their own legendary sound with help from the legends they grew up listening to. "Twelve Stories Down" should be the record that helps catapult this band to a level of success that they have deserved over the last eight years, and it's going to be great to watch that happen.

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