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UltraViolet Hippopotamus

Ultraviolet Hippopotamus is an explosive five-piece jam rock band from Grand Rapids, MI with a rapidly growing fan base all over the MidWest and out into the Rockies, as well as thousands of online listeners nationwide. Recently described by Recoil Magazine as "one of Michigan's most promising bands," UV Hippo mixes tight jams with original dance beats and strange effects for a killer musical experience. The band performs an eclectic array of composed and improvised original material, dancing between genres of funk, jazz, electronica, reggae, bluegrass, and progressive rock. According to the Lansing State Journal, Ultraviolet Hippopotamus is "all the rage these days and... fans all over the Midwest are hooked." The word is out, and the band is seeing more and more repeat offenders traveling further distances to develop their MidWest following into a national sensation, in a big way. www.uvhippomusic.com Their current line up is: Brian Samuels - bass, vocals Russel James - guitar, vocals Dave Sanders - Keyboards, Vocals Casey Jones - percussion Joe Phillion - drums

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"Metaphorical Pipe"
"North Coast 10/30/09"
"7 10 09 Cocaine Blues"

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UltraViolet Hippopotamus Photo
UltraViolet Hippopotamus Photo