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Travis McLeod

Travis' music started in 1996. That was the year that he started to write and record his own original music. After learning the basics on guitar from his father and uncles Gordon and George, he wanted to develop a deeper ability on the six string. Spending a lot of time teaching himself to play not only guitar, but also drums, bass, and anything else he could get his hands on, Travis set out to introduce the world to his music. By 1999, he had already written, and recorded, his first album titled "McLeod". The 9 song disc was distributed to friends and relatives and seemed to be well received. This disc also featured one of his most well liked songs "Visions Of Regret". Two years later, He followed it up with the release of his second album "Tales from Tourmaline". Named after the street he grew up on, this album contained 11 songs, and also marked the first time that Travis was responsible for all of the duties of making the record, (writing, performing, recording, etc.). This is a pattern that would continue throughout his career. 2002 came and went, and with it came "NEVER SAY DIE" Travis' third disc. Selling out on the night of it's release, the disc surprised many and gave Travis the confidence he needed to persevere with his music. Shortly thereafter, Travis moved to South Carolina, where he wrote and recorded his fourth disc, "The Wonderful World of Multitrack Recording". During that time period, he decided to make an effort to gain a wider audience, and it paid off. After sending countless emails and demos, Travis landed reviews and interviews in Australia's "Anemic", "Florida Local" and "The Beachcomber", and also gained an audience in places as far away as Northern Ireland and England, all without the aid of a record label, television, or radio. Not too long after that he signed a recording contract with independent Minnesota label "Dishwater Records" but it was short lived when the label went under due to lack of funds. In 2004, he completed his fifth record titled "Broken Hearted And The Angel's Wings". This is his most current music to date. Travis is currently in the process of writing his next record. He is also making plans to go into the studio to record a demo of 5 of his existing songs to obtain better sound quality. Look for this demo in the near future.

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