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Hometown: Gainesville, FL
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Towers of Hanoi

A Gainesville, FL staple for the last six years, Towers of Hanoi has been slowly perfecting a unique blend of post-hardcore, indie rock, and wonderfully trashy rock 'n roll. Husband and wife duo Rachel and Travis Whitton provide a rich tapestry of melodic mayhem atop the thundering rhythm section hammered out by Jon Reinertsen and Dru Martin, who also play in Whiskey & Co. and Fiya respectively. Never content with predictability, their albums travel a wide landscape ranging from frantic riff heavy deluges of sound to intricate and subtle interludes complimented by rich vocal harmonies. With three official releases, two U.S. tours, and guest appearances on a variety of comps and DVDs, Towers of Hanoi has built a steady fan base over the years and are well known for their wildly entertaining live performances.

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