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Topbunk originated in the leftover sadness of one million lonely summers. Drawing from a range of compact-pleasure-stoking guitar rifts and subtle anger-driven ambiance they pluck the heartstrings of a generation. Representing the infinite struggle of balance, apathy and disconnectedness, they seem to inherit qualities and influence from many early Emo bands such as, Christie Front Drive, Boyracer, Texas Is The Reason and Sunny Day Real Estate. Topbunk is great to listen to during makeup sex. Topbunk will make you regret everything you've done in your life while making you completely content with it at the same time. To sum Topbunk up in a few words: A skeleton going through a break up. Gregg McCurry: Vocals/Drums/Bass/Trombone Joseph McMichen: Vocals/Guitar

Topbunk Videos (15)

"You’re Always On E & I Worry About You"
"You’re Always On E & I Worry About You //"
"You’re Always On E & I Worry About You"
"Christian Side Hug"
"Our Year"
"Team Sports"
"Comfort Driving"
"What Derek Said"
"Our Can Saw"
"Rosie Had A Stroke"
"Our Can Saw"
"You’re Always On E & I Worry About You"

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