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Those Manic Seas

Those Manic Seas is a 'four' piece band that attempts to push the boundaries of what a rock band should be. The band hails from Richmond, Virginia and combines elements of post-rock and shoegaze in order to create unique songs that leave the entire audience dancing. Those Manic Seas released their 'Headache/Heartache' 7" in May of 2013 and toured to DC, Baltimore, CT, Manhattan, NYC, Charleston, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Raleigh and other places in between in support.

As of March 2014, the band is in the process of recording their debut full-length album.

The band consists of drummer Daniel Medley,guitarist Drew Rollo, bassist Todd Baker and a not so typical singer. “Our ‘lead singer’ is not a real person, which makes an interesting show,” says member Daniel Medley. “And if the singer doesn’t make sense, coming to our show will clear it all up. We really are a live band.”