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Formed: 2001
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The Warriors

There is more than one band using the name "The Warriors": 1. An Oi! band from the UK 2.A Hardcore band from California, US 3.A 60's Beat-Band from the UK 4. A jazz-funk band from the UK 5. A Hip-Hop group from Texas, US 1. The Warriors is also a UK Oi!-band, who originally came to be in 1982 when The Last Resort changed their name in the wake of Southall, after which they found themselves unable to get gigs. After just two gigs and a couple of appearances on compilation albums, the band called it a day. The Warriors were resurrected in 1995, when The Last Resort were asked to reform for a gig. Only two of the original members was up to it, so they decided to use the monicker The Warriors instead, and build a new band around that name. 2./b] The band formed in Tehachapi, a small town in Southern California, while the members were still in high school. Danny observes that the remoteness of their hometown may have been instrumental to the band's formation and success: "There wasn't the distraction of having anything better to do." After high school the members almost parted ways, but due to strong opposition to the breakup and the feeling that, "we still had a lot to say and a lot of creative energy to continue with new material," the members decided to stick with it. They put off college plans and soon after signed to Eulogy Recordings. Recently signed with Victory Records ! *( Abridged from the Eulogy Records website.) 3. The Hip Hop group formed in Austin Texas in 2005. Group member Victorious used to go by the name Rugged when he released a solo album pre 2005. All three members - Erv, Vic, and Proof - are cousins who strive to deliver positive, uplifting, and Christian messages through the rough and rugged music of Hip-Hop culture. In 2007 The Warriors won a Texas Holy Hip Hop Achievement award for best new artist of the year and best underground artist. Combined, they have released three albums with no label support.

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"Your Time Is Near"
"Downspeed Heartbeat"
"And Yet They Say…"
"Holding Sand"
"Subirse El Muerto"
"Genuine Sense Of Outrage"
"I Can’t Stop"
"Where I Stand"

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