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the Mermers

In an attempt to capture the moods of dreary days on the coast, and the terrors of the deep, The Mermers emerged in late 2015. Bringing a darker tinge to the surf sound, the band’s dealings have always been shrouded in darkness.
Our first get together at the sheds was merely 4 spaces away from a local resident who had passed away earlier that day. Every consecutive practice occurred under overcast, rainy conditions. The move to rehearse at our organ player’s house revealed stories from neighbors that the exact house we write and practice in is known to be haunted. Chilling occurrences, indeed.
We bring a high energy, eerie tonality to our interpretation of instrumental surf rock, incorporating classic instrumentation, organ, and even the occasional theremin.
So remember, the next time you hear something that calls you to the beach, something that beckons you, something just above a whisper….. The Mermers.