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The Malah

The Malah are a SouthEast based trio who have been captivating ears across the country with their 'malahdic' electro grooves. From the warm outdoor stages in Florida to the late night clubs in Colorado, this young promising act leaves each audience wanting more of their high energy live performance and stimulating light show. By mixing rich, earthy atmospheres with electrifying rhythms, the Malah explore the meeting point of cutting-edge technology and ancient musical theory. Creating a unique sound that is praised in both the "Jam" and "Electronica" communities. With their third full length studio CD on the way and an action packed tour schedule, The Malah continue to push the boundaries of live electronic music performance. See you on the dance floor!

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"Loudless Show Me The Way"
"As Above So Below (feat. Blake Mobley)"
"‘sweet Spring’ Feat. Michael Rempel (lotus)"

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