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Formed: 1978
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The Letters

The Letters Were an all too brief (circa 2008) collection of Bradfordian musicians that emerged regenerated from the ashes of the successful and well loved local group Green. Other members went on to form Laboratory Noise. Fronted by the effervescent Kelly, men Kevin, Leon and Bob had an eclectic and upbeat set that included the occasional choice cover of Blondie or Sleeper thrown in amongst their own material, including the popular "Lemony" and "Woke Up In The 1980s" that still linger long in the head after The Letters have drifted apart. Some of the members have gone on to individual projects like The Hobbes Fan Club or indeed children, however it is quite likely that some familiar faces will eventually form another outfit to play locally and fill the Bradford void of music played by people over 25 and that also isn't metal tinged...

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