The Howleez PROFILE

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Formed: 2013
Hometown: Gainesville, Fla
Upcoming Shows: 0
The Howleez

Watch out, North Florida and points everywhere-elseward!!! THE HOWLEEZ are coming, in their non-existent customized hot rod, bringing their BIG SOUND to ROCK ‘N’ ROLL your community’s blues away, as only THE HOWLEEZ can!!!

Spawned in a fetid warehouse complex in the punk-haunted wilds of Gainesville, Florida, THE HOWLEEZ are a four-piece band of long-time musicians who are OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER, YET TOO YOUNG TO CARE!!

With a hard, garage-rockin’ sound and mostly their own material, THE HOWLEEZ are ready to KNOCK THE SOCKS OFF all comers!!! Fresh from numerous Gainesville gigs, they have an EP IN THE WORKS and are READY TO TOUR!!! Up and down the Eastern Seaboard, NO CITY IS SAFE!!!

SO HOW DO THE HOWLEEZ SOUND LIKE? THE HOWLEEZ combine hard-edged, jumpin’ punky chord progressions with Deb’s throaty vocals and Dave’s bash-happy drumming style, making a mix calculated to TAKE OVER YOUR AUDIENCE’S MIND. As influences they claim The Sonics, The Sex Pistols, The Damned, The Ramones, The Rolling Stones, and numerous Gainesville bands you never heard of.

All members of THE HOWLEEZ are verifiable veterans of the Gainesville, Florida live music scene. Deb and Naheed are members of Mutley Chix, one of the town’s longest-lasting and most influential punk bands. Dave moved from Louisiana to Gainesville specifically to be a part of the ‘80s punk scene here. Hazel played guitar and sang in a half-dozen bands in Gainesville, moved to Boston, AND THEN RETURNED!!! WHAT DOES SHE KNOW THAT YOU DON’T?!!