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The Everymen

There are at least two bands called The Everymen. 1) Now defunct punk band from Calgary, Alberta. The Everymen blend elements of Hardcore, Melodic punk, and Ska together to create their own unique sound. Members have gone on to play in other bands such as The Failure, The Evidence, and the Martyr Index. 2) For the last year or so The Everymen have been a two-piece lowest fi garage band, existing as a guitar and drums combo and releasing EPs that sounded exactly like someone had kicked out their speakers and jabbed a screwdriver into their guitars. But recently and for their newest EP "Hello, Nice Evening. We Are The Everymen" they've expanded to include bass, trumpets, saxophones and have embraced the idea of making a record that doesn't sound like it's being played through a power sander. Featuring a cameo by Philly's constant hitmaker Kurt Vile, 'Zeppole Ben' takes its cues from early Dinosaur Jr, Rocket From The Crypt and Archers Of Loaf but still retains the garage punk ethos that The Everymen have become completely unknown for. "Hello, Nice Evening..." is available on limited vinyl and digital on March 15. The band is celebrating the release with a March 12 show at Cake Shop. You should probably go. The Everymen are: Sarin McHugh with special guests Stephen Chopek, Joe Centeno, Catherine Herrick, Geoffrey Morrisey, Scott Zillitto and featuring Kurt Vile on this EP.

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