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Hometown: Gainesville, FL
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The Duppies

-Duppy: (noun) taken from Jamaican folklore; an unruly spirit risen from a consecrated grave; a ghost; a poltergeist- Formed in 2004, The Duppies have been sighted possessing many a unsuspecting citizen and driving them into frenetic dancing spasms that can only be described as "musical convulsions of the soul." Fermenting in the dirty south swamps of Gainesville, FL, The Duppies have set out to conquer all non-believers in a display of sweet musical Armageddeon... "THIS IS NEWSFLASH! / Lisen dis and lisen good! / As we lead yah now to da gallows wood! / Open yah ears to da sweet and fine, cuz no one's Rocksteady is as sweet as mine! / And don't ya step into our discotech, cuz you know the riddim it gonna BREAK YUH NECK!!!"

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"Pray For Rain"
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"Ghost Of San Juan Hill"
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"Now You’re Mine"
"Don Drummond"

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