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Formed: 1997
Hometown: Gainesville, FL
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The Causey Way

The Causey Way is a punk rock group formed by Causey in 1997, as a division of The Causey Way, formed in 1995. (Members and supporters of The Causey Way say they are not a cult.) The members of the Causey Way wear white uniforms with black armbands when performing. Band biographies say that Causey formed this "group" (religion) when he was skateboarding as Scott Stanton and landed on his face, damaging his nose. He was enlightened and wished to start anew. He then created "The Causey Way". Future members of the group were not allowed to have any prior musical experience, although one exception was made for Boy Causey, a.k.a. "Brian" (see Man or Astroman, also Servotron). Causey Way currently has three albums: With Loving and Open Arms, Causey Versus Everything and What Would Causey Do?. As of 2001, the band had a total number of 17 different musicians, including former Dead Kennedys member Jello Biafra. The Causey Way toured Europe in 2000.

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