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The Bennies

There are two bands called The Bennies. 1. The Bennies are an Australian melodic punk/ska/reggae band from Melbourne, Victoria who formed in 2009 under the name Madonna. The band's current line-up is comprised of lead vocalist/keyboardist Anty Horgan, guitarist/vocalist "King" Jules Rozenbergs (aka Force Fieldz), vocalist/bassist Craig Selak and drummer David "Bowie" Beaumont. The band have released two studio albums - 2012's "Party! Party! Party!" and 2013's "Rainbows in Space," as well as an EP entitled "Better Off Dread." 2. The Bennies are a group from Pennsylvania, USA. They have supported artists such as Frank Black and the Catholics. Members from The Bennies now appear in a group known as Bunnies.

The Bennies Videos (15)

"Hold On"
"Sky High"
"Frankston Girls"
"Let’s Go Get Stoned"
"It Goes Without Saying"
"Westgate Wednesday"
"Auto Party Pilot"
"License To Chill"
"Anywhere You Wanna Go"
"Heavy Disco"
"Greenmix City"
"What’s Your Fuckin’ Problem?!"
"Stay Free"
"Party Whirlwind"
"Heavy Disco"

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