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Formed: 1999
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The Banditos

There are 2 bands who go by the name Banditos. 1. Banditos are an acoustic punk band from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, who incorporate elements of folk-punk and faux-Mexican music into their sound. 2. Pierre-Emmanuel Braux and Sebastien Atoch joined forces in 1999 to form Association Ponctuelle De Banditos a party organisation concept where they could express their musical taste. Soon after that (after their second party), it became just Banditos. From then onwards they have been producing rousing electronic music, mixing in samples of films, voices and instruments that make each of their appearances a mind capturing (boggling) experience. The mutual understanding between the two musicians is reflected in the way this hypnotic duo musically communicates with the crowd...character, warmth and passion. Their live performance blends Electro, Breakbeat and (Minimal) Techno influences, bringing strong vibrations on the dance floor. In time their sound has become more round and basses have become deeper. The Banditos duo have produced many records on labels such as Ozore Age, Absolute Rhythm and as well as on their own label Quadbyte. In 2008 they released their new album Head Cleaner available on Quadbyte. After many gigs performed mainly in France and Canada they're expanding their network in Europe and Northern America

The Banditos Videos (15)

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"Banditos Boris The Butcher"
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"[ Banditos ] Cosmix Banditos"
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