thatshisface PROFILE

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Formed: 2015
Hometown: Gainesville
Upcoming Shows: 0

thatshisface - you know, that guy! Kinda nerdy? Yeah, he rocks. In a band. And he tells some stories.

But mostly, he tries to write good songs. And then plays them out loud. After touring full time for 3 years with a previous project, a different approach emerged and thatshisface evolved out from the ashes.

Check out the new EP Building the Plane As We Fly It, mixed by Adam Hawkins.

Full bio:
I always wanted to be a doctor. But music was also a huge part of life - finding new bands and music, playing in bands at each stage of school. Finishing medical school was big, to be sure. But just as big: when the band I gave up everything for in 2003 was featured on MTV2. And OK, that band broke up after 4 years of touring nationally and building a regional following. But a lot of lessons were learned about music, people and entropy. Career is great, but so is finding a way to say things that I don't usually say.

My mission is to create music I am proud of, music that I like. And I like nerds, science, and layered meanings - just like life. In an alt-pop-rock kinda way.

thatshisface was formed in 2015 to do all of this, and hopefully more.