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Terrorist is the name of several artists. 1. Terrorist is a blackened thrash metal group from El Paso, Texas. Their first full-length studio album was Blessed by the Beast (2008). Members:Freddy ''Terrorizer'' Cumplido - Bass and Vocals Alien Morbidfeast - Guitar Cesar ''Thrashing Hammers'' Palacios - Drums http://www.myspace.com/TerroristThrash http://www.facebook.com/pages/Terrorist/164218303639409 2. Terrorist is a grindcore / brutal death metal group from Argentina. Their albums are Mata O Muere (2003) and Collision (2002). The band was formed on 1992 in San Miguel. Members: Azengoth - Vocals Demorgas - Bass Terror - Guitar Black - Drums 3. Terrorist is a side project of goodhands team.

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"The Chopper (2005 Bladerunner Remix)"

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