Telomeres PROFILE

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Formed: 2013
Hometown: Gainesville, FL
Upcoming Shows: 0

TELOMERES is the blonde stepchild of Zach Totta’s closet recordings. Combining intricately picked acoustic guitar with unique percussion and subtle psychedelia, Totta’s confessional song-writing feels expansive yet intimate. Think Nick Drake meets Animal Collective. TELOMERES thrives in near-silent rooms, where their climaxing builds can dissolve into vulnerable hushes.

Raised in Kansas, Zach Totta found his voice shyly writing songs in his freshman dorm, obsessing over the near-whispered secrets of Sufjan Stevens, the rich harmony of Fleet Foxes, and the textural acid expanses of Animal Collective. Through his unique finger-picking and open tunings, Totta has found a voice from which universal themes can emerge subtly without patronization. Though immediately relatable, Totta’s songs ripen with time.

Percussionist Mac Watson is unlike the drummers you know. She is patient and deeply involved in the songs, equally present closing her eyes and waiting as she is hacking away on her toms and rims in a near-tribal cadence, piously resisting the call of both cymbals and convention.

Telomeres Videos (2)

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