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Formed: 1998
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Suburban Legends

Suburban Legends are an American third wave ska band[1] that formed in Huntington Beach, California, in 1998 and later based themselves in Santa Ana, California. The band started out as a third wave ska band, but later moved to a pop and disco sound after a number of lineup changes in 2005. Since 2009 the band has returned to its ska roots, also incorporating Disney covers in their repertoire. Currently trombonist Brian Robertson is the only member that has been in the band since its inception. Vince Walker is also a founding member, but left the band in 2004, only to return in 2005, and guitarist Brian Klemm has been with the band since 1999.Current line up Vincent Walker - Lead vocals, trumpet, guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboard (2005-present), trumpet, backing vocals (1998-2004) Chris Lucca - trumpet (2013-present, 2009-2013 touring) Brian "Robot" Robertson - trombone, backing vocals (1998-present) Brian Klemm - lead guitar, vocals (1999-present) Brad Polidori - bass, backing vocals (2010-present) Edward Larsen - drums (2013-present) Touring members

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"Come Back Home"
"Girlfriend’s Pretty"
". Beauty And The Beast."
". Kiss The Girl"
"Duck Tales"
"Kiss The Girl"
"You’ve Got A Friend In Me"
"Desperate (live)!"
"Autumn In The Park"
"Is Going On Tour!"
"Under The Sea"

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