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At least nine entirely different and unrelated musical projects are known by the name of Stronghold: 1) Stronghold hardcore band from Croatia 2) Stronghold hip-hop group from New York 3) Stronghold christian blackened doom metal band from Norway 4) Stronghold atmospheric black metal band from the Czech Republic 5) Stronghold thrash/death band from the Netherlands 9) Stronghold Hardcore band from Adelaide, South Australia All available info about the different acts can be found below in given order. 1) Stronghold is a independent Croatian hard-core band. They released few d.i.y. albums that gained popularity. The members are Karlo/vocal, Chof/Guitar, Boro/Bass and Zyo/drums. Influences Madball, Hatebreed, Raised Fist, Death Before Dishonour, Terror. 2) Stronghold hip-hop group from New York including C-Rayz Walz, Poison Pen, Breez Evahflowin, L.I.F.E. Long, Stelf Index. 4) Stronghold the christian norwegian Black/Doom metal band: Formed in the mid 90's, released a demo in 1998, the CD Prayers from a yearning heart in 2000, and the CD Cult of Remorse in 2007. For more information read the full bio on the official website at 6) Stronghold trash/death band from the Netherlands Stronghold was formed in 1998 by singer Koen Dingemans and guitar player Dominique Franken. Since then the band played numerous gigs in the Netherlands and abroad. Some highlights: playing in the finals of some important band contests, opening for well known (Dutch) metal bands, playing festivals and touring France. Prior to Death Salvation Stronghold released two other CDs: Inside (2001) and Coming Terror (2003). In December 2009, singer Koen Dingemans decided it was time to part ways with Stronghold to pursue a career in even more brutal bands like GRINDPAD. After a short but Thorough search Stronghold found a replacement in Joep Fennema. Current Line up: Dominique Franken - guitars Maarten Havik - guitars Martijn Ophoff - bass guitars Maurice Jimkes - drums Joep Fennema - vocals Former members: Koen Dingemans - vocals Maarten "theelepel" van Haaren - Bass guitars Mike - Bass guitars Guillaume - Bass guitars 7) Stronghold metal band from the United States 8) Stronghold the pop-punk band from Saskatoon, SK. Existed in the mid to late-nineties. Released an album and appeared on an American compilation. Members went on to form bands such as The New Jacobin Club, Trainwreck Endings, Oswald's Walking Connection, Bewarewolf. 9) Stronghold; hardcore band from Adelaide, South Australia Hailing from Adelaide South Australia, Stonghold were a hardcore band influenced by the likes of Terror, Blacklisted and Madball, released a demo and EP in their time together, 2004-2007. The band disbanded and continued with other projects such as Infection, God So Loved the World and Ante Up! If your favourite band happens to be just one of the above, please be adult and edit only the part relevant to your affection, and not the others. Thank you.

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"And Venus Smote The Heart Of The Heavens"
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"En Orken Av Roser"
"No Superstars For Jesus"
"Nobody Owes You Nothing"
"The Called"

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