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Formed: 1960
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There are at least three bands known as The Stripes. 1. The Stripes is also a band founded in Hagen, Germany by Rainer Kitzman, who played guitar. Nena Kerner, who would later form the band Nena , was the vocalist. Another future member of Nena, Rolf Brendel, played the drums. Frank Rohler played bass. The band was known for singing exclusively in English. They released four singles, after which they split up. 2. The Stripes are a five - piece band hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia at 2004. The Stripes members are Khairul Ikhwan (Vocals), Taqwaditra Assahaum (Guitar), Mohammad Putra Artadi (Guitar), Bong Bong Prakoso Napitupulu (Bass), and Ryan Savero (Drum). They are playing Alternative Garage Funk Rock music. Their influences are The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Incubus, The S.I.G.I.T, Wolfmother, and other rock band especially in UK. Now they're in process to make debut EP. 3. The Stripes were a British rock band from Romford, Essex, United Kingdom, who enjoyed some popularity during the 'Mod revival' of the early 1980s. They released just one single in 1982: 'One Step Ahead'/'Canteen Girls'. Personnel: Vince Smoith (vocals/bass), Mike Todd (guitar/vocals), Paul Guidotti (drums) and Ian Curnow (keyboards).

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"The Radio In Stereo"
"The Boogie Beat"

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