Steven Mullan PROFILE

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Hometown: Nashville, TN
Upcoming Shows: 0
Steven Mullan

Hi! I started playing music when I was younger, and through the years, I've become more and more obsessed with it. I feel happiest when I'm creating something new.

Right now, I'm working on my solo albums and videos as well as writing and recording an album with my friend, Angela, under the band name, mackinac.

I travel around playing keyboards or what not with other people, too.

Oh, and I've been loving the jump rope. I go outside in the backyard and pretend that I'm Rocky Balboa.

Sometimes, I'm bad with names - most likely to do with the fact that I'm always daydreaming. But, if you come to a show, please come up and say hi, and we can hug.

If you like what you hear, awesome. Hug more, hate less.