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Formed: 1990
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Several acts share the stage name Soda: 1- Soda was a Norwegian Traditional Bubblegum dance group built around the vocalist "Soda" (Anne J) and made up of members Anne J, Geir, Glenn, Papa Kwesi, and Frank. The first single recorded by Soda was Summer Delight in 1997, and the first single to be released was I Wanna Be in March 1998. Since 1998, Soda has released three albums, "Sodapop" (1999), "Popcorn" (2000), and "Popaholic" (2002). The first single to be recorded by Soda was entitled Summer Delight (1997). The first single to be released was I Wanna Be in March 1998, in Norway. It achieved frequent radio time, although it was not a sale success. Summer Delight hit the stores in June 1998, while Soda were recording the forthcoming album. In January 1999, the turning point came when 2 Cool 2 B Cool was released. The song hit the radio charts with a bang, and now Norway was ready to welcome their first album. On the 15th of March 1999 Soda released their debut album "Sodapop". The album was recorded in Trondheim at the famous Westside Studios, produced by Thomas Ekle and Jan, and at Brygga Studios, produced by Ulf Risnes, between August 1998 and February 1999. Sodapop contained 13 happy dance pop tracks. Most of the songs were written by Geir, Frank and Anne J herself. After its release, it went straight to #3 on the album charts in Norway, and stayed there for quite some time. In Norway the sales went platinum. "Handsome" was the first single slated for release stateside. Already a smash hit in their home country of Norway and creating a buzz in the US, the single had high hopes for Soda. The song and its remixes promised to open the world's eyes to Soda and their club friendly grooves. Soda had planned to release a self-titled American debut in April 2001 featuring songs that had already been amazingly popular in Scandinavia. In July 2000 Soda released their second album "Popcorn". It stayed 12 weeks in the sales charts, reaching #11 as best position. The next CD single to be released was "Hey You", which was remixed for radio play. Included on the single was a karaoke version and a "live" video recorded at "Samfundet" in Trondheim, Norway on 8th January 1999. 2002 marked the release of Soda's third album, "Popaholic". It stayed 6 weeks in the sales charts, reaching #15 as best position. 2- Soda is also a Rapper from Berlin. 3- Soda was also the name of Hull indie popsters who were on Fontana Records around 1995/6 and released a number of epic singles. 4- SODA was a Christian Indie-Rock band from Auckland New Zealand who released a self titled EP and an album 'Concrete' in 2001 5- Soda is a band from Gainesville, Florida

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"S.o.d.a. You Go Ladadade"
"S.o.d.a. Love Call (2hero Extended Remix)"
"S.o.d.a. Lullaby #1"
"S.o.d.a. Personal Gravity"
"S.o.d.a. Love Call (do! Mix)"
"S.o.d.a. Wu Tango"
"S.o.d.a. Heavy Pizza"
"S.o.d.a. Where Did Our Love Go?"
"S.o.d.a. Blau Im Morgengrau"
"S.o.d.a. Love Call"
"S.o.d.a. Quiet Stage"
"S.o.d.a. Times Should Be Still"
"S.o.d.a. Wu Tango"
"So Far Away"
"So Far Away"

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