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Snow Wite
Biography From the banks of the LA river comes a group of three young men specializing in blowing minds and breaking hearts all across the world: Snow Wite. A rare Rock and Roll experience in our synth-riddled modern era, thee psychedelic spontaneity of their performances will turn your soul inside out and leave you begging for more. Their journey has just begun, but is far from over! Consider the mind-bending visual journey that is the Psychedelic Days music video. Recently featured in The FADER magazine, this gripping piece of film takes us on a voyage into the mind and psyche of lead singer Andy Cary and climaxes with an eruption of interstellar guitar heroics. An esteemed critic has called the clip "absolutely breathtaking." However, the group is no stranger to sensitivity. Deep cut and fan-favorite "Secret" finds the boys lamenting the loss of a girl so sweet that her absence is their demise. Never fear though, as Cary's guitar triumphantly tears any lingering feelings to shreds with emotion as tall as Mount Olympus. With a group as dynamic and good looking as Snow Wite, big things are bound to happen. The iron is hot, the music is compelling, and the energy is as exciting as it ever was! The future is brite for Snow Wite. contact [email protected] for booking, fan mail, and all other inquiries

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"Psychedelic Days"