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Formed: 1980
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There are at least 7 artists called Snatch: 1. Snatch was the punk duo of Patti Palladin and Judy Nylon, two American women who had moved to the UK in 1974. Originally calling themselves Cha-Cha, at the height of the British punk explosion, they recorded a number of demos at Patti's flat in 1976, two of which ( "I.R.T." and "Stanley") were released as a single 6 months later in February 1977. Another single "All I Want" (b/w "When I'm Bored") narrowly missed the upper reaches of the British charts in March 1978. A final single "Shopping For Clothes" surfaced in April 1980. A compilation of previously unreleased tracks was released in 1983. 2. An american hard rock/glam metal band active in the mid 80's. 3. A Brazilian progressive metal band formed in 2005. 4. A danish funky pop-band from Copenhagen. 5. Snatch, Ita, dance 6. Snatch, GBR, '00s 7. Snatch, Japan, Rock

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"Get Down"
"Life Is Beautiful"
"So Exclusive (feat. Rob Young)"

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