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Snake Oil

1) A Hard Rock band from Oulu, Finland. "Snake Oil was formed in June of 2012 when Juho and Ville started looking people to join their band and Timo was found through and he was asked to join the band to play drums. A meeting was scheduled with the new drummer and by accident they also met Eemeli who was with Timo at the meeting. After two months of rehearsing Timo and Juho switched instruments. The band rehearsed without a bassist until January 2013 when Antti joined the band to take place as the bass player." Eemeli Hyttinen - Vocals Timo Malo - Lead guitar, backing vocals Ville Tolonen - Rhythm guitar Antti Orajärvi - Bass Juho Mäki - Drums, backing vocals

Snake Oil Videos (15)

"Travels Light"
"Auto Pilot"
"Going To The Garden"
"Angels Are Never Enough"
"Leaving Town"
"Can Of Love And The Captain"
"Blood On My Hands"
"No Feral Animal"
"Lost Highway"
"Consolation Prizes"
"Rock Candy Smile"
"Switchblade Sara"
"Delivered From My Heart"

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