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Hometown: Gainesville, FL
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Shermy D

Shermy D - Born and Raised as a B-Boy in Miami, FL, this rapper went on to sell out shows in record numbers, especially in Japan where his first album has gone triple platinum! DJ Probiotic - The Master, from South Florida to New York to Dallas to Venzuela, he has rocked the house for the last 7 years. Truly a master of the craft! Shermy D is the real King of Rock, in Gainesville. Lighting up the stage with his flashy costumes, heartfelt serenades, and his DJ, DJ Pro-Biotic tearing it up every night, they will easily sway any and every New Schooler back to the Old School Kindergarten Style.

Shermy D Videos (2)

"24 Inch Pythons"
"24 Inch Pythons Official Video"