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Formed: 1996
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Shamans Harvest

Shaman's Harvest is a rock band from Jefferson City, Missouri. Bassist Matt Fisher and singer Nathan "Drake" Hunt began a collaboration with guitarist Josh Hamler that has remained the foundation and core of Shaman's Harvest. It wasn't until the recording of their 2009 release, Shine, where Ryan Tomlinson became the lead guitarist. Shaman's Harvest released their fifth full-length album titled "Smokin' Hearts & Broken Guns" on September 16, 2014. This release marked the band's debut on Mascot Records, a Mascot Label Group sub-label.

Their early years saw the release of three albums: Last Call for Goose Creek (1999), Synergy (2002) and March of the Bastards (2006). In 2009, the single "Dragonfly" hit #16 on Billboard's Active Rock chart, #9 at Heritage Rock, and #34 on Billboard's Rock Songs chart. In total, they sold over 130,000 copies of their single and 33,000+ copies of the full album. It was featured on the soundtrack of the major motion picture Legendary, and in early 2010 Shaman's Harvest recorded "Broken Dreams" for the WWE as the theme song for wrestler Drew McIntyre. They continued that relationship delivering "End of Days" as the entrance track for Wade Barrett and The Corre, alongside "Anger" which ended up in the feature film No One Lives.
During the recording of their upcoming album (Smokin' Hearts & Broken Guns), Hunt was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive lymph cancer in his throat. Having underwent serious treatment, Hunt continued recording on a daily basis to ensure the record was released on time.
Lead guitarist Ryan Tomlinson left the group in September 2014 in order to concentrate on his longtime band Driving Wheel, and new country act Murphy's Ford; he was replaced by guitarist Derrick Shipp for the tour supporting Smokin' Hearts & Broken Guns.
Drummer Joe 'Baggins' Harrington also joined the band during this period.

Nathan Hunt - Lead Singer,
Josh Hamler - Rhythm Guitar,
Matt Fisher - Bassist,
Joe Harrington - Drums,
Derrick Shipp - Lead Guitar

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