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Sam Russo

Sam Russo is a singer-songwriter from Haverhill, England. As well as writing songs he has written two novels entitled "Romancing the Neon Whores of Haverbowl" and "Trouble with a Capital T - The Crystal Stories of Tab Samuels". He lists his influences as "Bad writing and ACDC".

Sam Russo Videos (15)

"Vanishing Test (jordan Peak Remix)"
"Vanishing Test (jordan Peak Remix)"
"Not Another Juno Track"
"Mailbox Formatting"
"Losing Things"
"Losing Things"
"Mailbox Formatting"
"Freeze Track"
"Bus Four"
"Cold Hands"
"Wanderer (original Mix)"
"Bus Four (fuckpony Remix)"
"Losing Things (jack Dixon Remix)"
"Mailbox Formatting (original Mix)"

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