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Straight outta' Tampa comes a flaming tidle wave of punk rock, an intergalactic whirlwind, if you will! Three plantinum albums, 8 Mercedes Benz', and loads of hookers later. The band started in middle school. Bassist Grayum got a bass for his birthday. Shortly thereafter he suggested that guitarist Andy really learn how to play the guitar. Grayum and Andy then asked current drummer, Ben to hit the drums and call it a band.brian joiner is a flaming homo, but After dabbling in smooth jazz, alternative country, and whatever, they decided it be best to play music that isn't weird. Five years later, here they are, writing songs, making platinum albums, and touring with bands like Creed.

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"Hold It Like This"
"Hold It Like This"
"A Book Of Oneliners (with Lyrics)"
"We Defeated The Dinosaurs"
"Piece Of Mind (with Lyrics)"
"Gazing At Stars"
"Alone Together (with Lyrics)"
"Like Hemlock"
"Waking Dream (with Lyrics)"
"Alone Together"
"Alone Together"
"Elephant In The Room"
"Time’s Up (with Lyrics)"
"Time’s Up"

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