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S.S. Hanami

S.S. HANAMI is a melodic rock band that incorporates elements of traditional Japanese music such as the koto (Japanese harp) as well as influences from anime, J-Rock, and Visual Kei. Frontman and founding member Robert Adams recounts first hearing the koto in the background music of a movie: "I didn't even know the name of the instrument at first, but I was so enchanted by its sound that I felt compelled to learn how to play it. I researched traditional Japanese music, managed to acquire a koto of my own, and eventually found an instructor who could teach me how to play it." Next, Adams gathered together friends and studio musicians to record a single. "I originally intended Eternal Autumn, our first song, to be a sort of a blueprint for the band's sound." With that, S.S. HANAMI was formed, combining the initials of Adams' favorite anime character with the Japanese word for "cherry-blossom viewing." Two singles later, Adams was joined by James Brinkle (bass), Andrew Wiggins (drums), and Jeff Stanton (guitar) - the rest of S.S. HANAMI's current line-up. When asked about the inspiration behind S.S. HANAMI, Adams replies, "I try to write songs that make me feel the same way that the most moving scenes from my favorite anime make me feel. There's something about that particular art style that affects me deeply. I don't limit myself to drawing solely from Japanese culture though, and I get inspiration from a lot of other sources - especially the work of British Romantic poets John Keats and Percy Shelley."

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"Pt 5 Eternal Autumn"
"Pt 2 Hope Deferred"

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