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There are six artists named Ruby. 1) Ruby (the UK band) 2) Ruby (harsh breakcore artist)See:Ruben De Haan 3) Ruby (Egyptian singer)See:Roubi 4) Ruby (Korean girl group) 5) Ruby (Romanian singer) 6) Ruby (Japanese solo project rock band of Fujinuma Shinichi)) 1) Ruby was the project of UK vocalist Lesley Rankine and US composer/producer Mark Walk. Their repertory of styles expanded across electronic, trip hop, noise, and industrial. The band Ruby was named as such because Rankine and Walk both have a grandmother named Ruby. Rankine began her music career as frontwoman to London-based indie punk band Silverfish. When the band split up in 1993, Rankine moved to Seattle. There she joined forces with producer Mark Walk, with whom she worked on material for industrial group Pigface, to produce an electronic album which echoed the downtempo styles, especially trip hop, more than her noise background; the album, Salt Peter, was released in 1995, with a remix album, Salt peter Remixed: Revenge, the sweetest fruit., appearing in 1996. Lesley returned to her native United Kingdom to work on the second Ruby album, Short Staffed at the Gene Pool. This saw her release material on a new UK label, Wichita Recordings, as well as Thirsty Ear in the US in 2001. The song Grace was mixed by several producers, including Mira Calix of Warp Records. This was followed by another remix album, Altered and Proud: the Short-Staffed Remixes, later that year. She has since taken a break from recording, returning to her home country. 2) Ruby (Ruben de Haan) began his activity as a noise/breakcore artist and DJ in 1988. He released on some netlabels: Completely Gone recordings, N.Q.A. and Takkeherrie recordings. He is also a member of the improv noise band R.R. 3)Rania Hussein Mohammed Tawfik[1] (Arabic: رانيا حسين‎) (born October 8, 1981), known as Ruby (Arabic: روبي‎, sometimes transliterated as Roubi), is an Egyptian singer and actress who rose to fame with her debut single "Enta Aref Leih" ("Do You Know Why?"). Ruby started her career as a model when Marcel Romanoff, the Polish singer, spotted her in front of the American University in Cairo.[citation needed] Romanoff chose Ruby to appear in his music video. She later appeared in the music video of his song "Don't Make Me Cry". Ruby previously studied Law at Bani Suwayf University. Ruby later worked in television commercials for several products, including Pringles, Sparkle, and Alo. She then worked with Egyptian film director Youssef Chahine in the film Sekoot Hansawwar (2001), in which she played the role of a wealthy girl who falls in love with her driver. Youssef Chahine is reportedly responsible for the switch to her stage name, Ruby. She also appeared in the comedy Film Thakafy in a minor role as a schoolgirl. Musical career The first music video of her debut single "Enta Aref Leih" (2003), was directed by Sherif Sabri and was a hit on most satellite music stations in the Middle East during the summer of 2003. Ruby was criticized by the media for appearing in the provocative costume of a belly dancer in the song's music video. Despite this criticism, the successful single brought Ruby into the limelight.[2] The song was composed by the Egyptian musician Mohammad Rahim. Ruby's second video was released in early 2004. Titled "Leih Beydary Kedah" and directed by Sherif Sabri, the video again also featured provocative scenes. The third music video of the song "El Gharaam (Koll Amma A'ollo Ah)" was accompanied by clips from Ruby's movie, Saba' Wara'aat Kotcheena (7 Playing Cards). The film was banned by the governments of Egypt, Syria and many other Arabic countries due to its usage of erotic themes. The film was directed and produced by Sherif Sabri in his first. Two music videos for the songs "Ana Omry Mastaneat Hadd" and "Ghawy" were released later. "Mosh Hate'dar" is her the first single from her second album released in March 2007, titled Meshit Wara Ehsasy. The music video of "Mosh Hate'dar" surprised the audience due it less provocative presentation. The second single, "Mishet Wara Ehsassi", featured her performing in Giza, in front of the Pyramids and Sphinx. Ruby has been questioned in numerous interviews about her provocative style and suggestive moves, to which she responded that she does not consider herself to be a sex symbol. She was also rumoured to be married to her manager, Sherif Sabri, but they have both denied the rumour. In 2008 Ruby starred in the high-grossing Egyptian action film "The Promise" (Al-Wa3d). The film contains an extended sex scene in which Ruby is seen partially nude, which raised eyebrows. Discography * Eba'a Abelni (2004) * Misheit Wara Ehsassi (2007)

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