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Formed: 1991
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Ringworm is a hardcore Band from Cleveland, Ohio,USA, formed in 1991. The band started under the moniker Force of Habit and had one song on the 'Voice of Thousands' compilation album, released by Conversion Records in 1990/91. Soon there after the band changed the name to Ringworm. Human Furnace also plays for his side project, Holy Ghost, Chris Dora is a member of Death/Thrash Metal band Soulless and John Comprix plays for Power/Heavy Metal band Beyond Fear. Ringworm has two demos and four full-length albums. There is a CD called 'Flatline' which was released by the German hardcore label, Lost & Found, who was notorious for bootlegging artists material without consent. All the songs found on both demos were later re-recorded and used on albums.

Ringworm Videos (15)

"Take Back What’s Ours"
"Ringorm Unravel"
"Again And Again"
"‘day Of Truth’"
"Blind To Faith (demo)"
"Cleansing Of The Fall"
"In Likeness Of Vanity"
"The Razor’s Line With Lyrics"
"Devil’s Kiss"
"The Nightmare Continues"
": Blind To Faith"
"Bleed (official Track)"
"Bleed (official Track)"
"Dawn Of Decay"

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