The Rick Ryan Band PROFILE

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Formed: 2016
Hometown: Gainesville
Upcoming Shows: 0
The Rick Ryan Band

All original song driven folk-punk quartet from Gainesville, Fl. Rick (vocals, guitar) and Gray (drums, vocals), have played in three different bands together in the almost twenty years they've known each other. Started out with SPENT ROUND, a half cover. half original band. That band morphed into PARALLEL LIFE, a pretty much harder rocking all original band, then to what is the RICK RYAN BAND. Gray is probably better known for his metal exploits in local legendary bands, Frolic and DOPAMEAN. Matty (lead guitar) and Matt (bass) are the newest additions to the band. Matty has previously played with the local funk group, Captain Lovely. Matt, the improvisation junky has found a joy in the structure of Rick's songs that change just at the right times, keeping it fresh while still in the groove. That, the sweet harmonies Rick and Gray hit with righteous lyrics, Matty's tasty leads and Matt's driving bass make for one unique sound that explores edges of multiple genres. It is also worth mentioning that each member represents a different generation. Rick (64), Gray (48), Matty (38), Matt (28) Bridging gaps with rock

The Rick Ryan Band Videos (2)

"El Gato Cat Fails"
"Zombie Live @ The Hardback, Gainesville, Fl 712017"