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Formed: 2001
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The german punk n'rollers started in 2001 in Bochum, Germany. Bend members were: Uwe Umbruch - Guitar and Main Vocals ( Ex - Public Toys / Happy Revolvers ) Tobbe - Drums and Backround Vocals ( Ex - Inhuman Conditions / Bad Mothers ) Mark - Guitar and Second Main Vocals ( Ex - Bikini Walldorf / District ) Flo - Bass Guitar ( Ex - Bad Mothers ) After 2001 EP Rock 'n' Roll Babylon, they released their debut full-length A Tribute to Cliches in 2002. Next, they released a split album with Duane Peters & The Hunns, followed by their second album End of Apathy in 2003. In 2004 Marc left the Revolvers. Band had him replaced with Pascal Briggs but this didn't last very long and the Revolvers were finally disbanded in 2005. After that, Marc, Tobbe and Flo created a reincarnation of District named 2nd District, while Uwe created Hiroshima Mon Amour.

Revolvers Videos (15)

"The Do You Have The Time"
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"The Do You Have The Time"
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"| Rock Y Roll"
"The Do You Have The Time"
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"The Rock’n’roll Babylon"
"The Change My Address"
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"The , No Clash Reunion =; )"
"The No Clash Reunion"
"The Realize"
"The A Tribute To Cliches"

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