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Formed: 2003
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There are 3 bands with the name Revision: 1) Revision - Funk Band - Ithaca, NY - USA The funk trio consisting of John Petronzio (keys/vocals), Devon Reehl (on percussion) and Nick Bullock (guitar/vocals) is based out of Ithaca, NY. In the matter of a few years, Revision has averaged over 150 shows annually and has shared the stage with the likes of Bela Fleck, George Clinton, Soulive, Derek Trucks and many others. In 2004 they were added to the increasinly impressive lineup of the Homegrown Music Network. The band recently purchased a diesel van and converted it to run on vegetable oil. Used fryer grease that restaurants throw away now powers this group as they continue a consistent tour schedule throughout the Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest. Based in the thriving college town of Ithaca NY, Revision quickly grew a strong regional following through relentless touring, targeting mainly college markets. In November 2004 they released their latest record What It Is on Relevant Records. Work on a new album is slated to start this summer. Website: Discography Broken Art (2002) What It Will Be (2003) EP What It Is (2004) 2) Revision - Rock band - Vlaardignen, ZH - NL The dutch lyrical rockband Revision formed in Vlaardingen, NL in 2003. The lineup consists of Allart Hoekstra (Vocals and leadguitar), Mark Trooster (Base and backing vocals) and Michael Franzen (drums). You can listen their tracks at their official website Discography: May 3rd 2008 they released their first EP: Heavy Light, at the Exit in Rotterdam, NL. 3) Revision - French Hardcore producer - Location unknown AKA Ravision | Révision 1.1 | Revision 1.1 Real Name: Benjamin Bénard French rave activist and hardcore producer. Revision's tracks reflects his atypical personality: sick broken hardcore strewn with shifted vocals; little melodies that seem straight out of Creepshow; recurrent looped incantations - 'man is the architect of his own destruction'- that lend the whole album a rather spooky vibe. A surprising, violent, uncompromising blend.Revision had been mixing house and garage at small parties when he attended Plastikman's performance in Vincennes in 1996. A slap in the face that threw him into techno until he met the Klynical Sound System collective, who introduced him to gabber and the most extreme sounds. A computer programmer during the week, Revision started to play around with sounds at week-ends, never taking himself seriously: "it's only about fitting little coloured squares in programmes that are not even paid for..." He doesn't think in terms of music influences or inspirations. For him, electronic music is about science and technology, something rather diffuse with the power to send a whole dancefloor into trance, as he himself did countless times, mixing at raves nationwide. 4) Revision - Hardcore - New Jersey Very short lived hardcore band. Played a couple shows, released three songs. RIP.

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"Sad Mellow"

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