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These days, it's all too easy for young bands to fall through the cracks and fail to muster any sort of staying power. Each genre is becoming more and more oversaturated and we can all agree that "whiskey soaked" and "gravely" vocals aren't anything new. However, every now and then a band is able to come out of the woodwork and put a fresh perspective on post-hardcore music -- never focusing on an image or a certain bandwagon. Such is the case for Reverse The Curse. RTC hail from the small town of Hiram, OH, where the three first started playing in sixth grade. Still practicing in the same basement they formed in, Ed Starcher (vocals, guitar), Connor Johnson (bass, vocals), and Joey Regets (drums) have created their most cohesive, powerful, and meaningful material to date with their upcoming full-length debut. "Hither and Yon" is slated for a July 2011 release. Recorded in the fall of 2010 with Eric Cronstein in Columbus, OH, this full length follows their 2009 "Paths" EP (recorded in 2008, a week after they graduated from high school, released by Lock and Key Collective). Whereas many bands call it quits after graduating, Reverse The Curse held together, toured incessantly, and unashamedly created honest and driven music that's as powerful as it is fresh. Haunting and infectious, slow churning yet commanding swells intertwine with ghostly tones to deliver an immeasurably memorable record. Don't let their age fool you. Reverse The Curse are here to stay.

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